As promised “Satisfaction more than 100%”; what we do?!!!! “”we will send you the pics of painting in between and make frequent communication with you through email. You may order us what you wish to change on your portrait. After getting all approvals from your side our painter will give it a  finishing touch, and again we will send you a pic of your portrait asking  you about your final approval, after getting final approval from your side we will process it to  shipping. If you are not satisfied with the portrait painting you received, you are open for order to recreate about!  Just send us it back in repairable condition   within 30 days of receiving; our artist will fine-tune it again, till you are 100% happy. After getting your approval we will send back your portrait to you.But still if you don’t like the painting!!!!! You will have to send us it back in 15 days of receiving, and we will refund you 100 % of your money””.  “No question will be asked”!!!!!!!!! This is what; we call “Satisfaction more than 100%”.