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Photo painting artist

Photo painting artist means a person who can turn photos into a handmade art or handmade painting. Turning photos into handmade painting is an exceptional talent; not all people can be proficient on. Painting on canvas or on an art paper is not an easy task to do. It takes decades to be perfect on this unique job. We can articulate this as a natural talent. On ancient time, handmade portrait painting was the way to keep memories but it was not affordable to all. Now a day after inventing cameras, we have alternatives enough. But no alternatives can take place of the natural art.   that’s why there are many art lovers on this planet, so there is also some talented photo painting artist like we have with picpainter to turn photos into handmade art. Handmade portrait painting has its own recognition and a long fan following as well.

photo painting artist

How photo painting artists learn this about.

Photo painting is a natural talent, which comes with birth; mostly you would have come across a child making excellent art in their schoolwork, gradually their passion helps them to establish as a professional artist, every talent go on the same path. However, learn to make handmade art from photo need much hard struggle and lot of time to be perfect in it.

 turn photo to painting

How photo painting artist survives.

Some people think that, in this era of digitalization when everybody has smart phones and camera in their hand. How photo-painting artist survives?. But there is no any lack of the people, who want something different and unique. people having the royal living and great heart are the best friends of an artist. As a handmade portrait artist, we consistently receive orders and feedback of customer from across the world saying that they prefer a photo painting for gifting purpose on various occasion. They used to give photo painting as a gift on mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, on wedding anniversary, valentine’s day. They also use photo painting for decorating a new or old apartment, for conserving beautiful memories and so on. This is the way of how a photo painting artist and a company like picpainter survives.



How much time a photo painting artist take to turn photo into handmade painting.

This is, of course, a time taking work. Creating a handmade painting from the digital photo can take 05 to 10 days and between. However, in some case, it takes 15 to 20 days as well. It depends on type and size of painting; large painting can take much time than normal. An oil painting takes more time to dry then watercolour painting and pencil sketches from photos. In addition, style of the artist is also a factor, the contemporary artist takes more time than the old one. At picpainter you can receive painting at home within 15 to 18 days, this is the average time and depend on the work. However, at picpainter we call our customer to get their opinions and try to do accordingly.



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